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Deane Gyllenhaal

Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach
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Deane is a Master Certified Leadership Coach at Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® (ILEC). Since 2010, the Intelligent Leadership team has used this blueprint to coach more than 1,000 leaders, global CEO top government leaders, and athletes to help them become stronger, more effective, and vibrant leaders and people. The ILEC model is a proven system for growing leaders, building cultures and driving results.

Deane’s career in investment management spans multiple organizations over three decades.   He is known for his focus on business development, process improvement, and equity portfolio construction. This profound organizational skillset and leadership experiences have been developed to a level where, partnering those experiences with the ILEC model will benefit clients across the financial  industry and beyond, He is committed to refining and improving the approach of his client’s day-to-day leadership within their organizations.

Deane Gyllenhaal, Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach

Q and A with Your ILEC Coach

I have always been passionate about leadership and coaching throughout my life in many different arenas.  In corporate America I served as a senior leader for years with several organizations.  I then came to a point where I had gained enough quality experiences that I thought would benefit others, then decided I wanted to work with ILEC, using their methodology, to develop my own business.  The team at ILEC was extraordinary in developing me into a coach that will help my clients achieve their goals.

My goal is to empower leaders and transform cultures all over the world across all industries.  Training leaders to be the best versions of themselves using the proven ILEC method, resulting in professional and personal growth.   Having experienced both great and not-so-great leaders over my career, I feel well suited to pair the ILEC methodology along with my business development skills to contribute to the evolution of other leaders and drive their success.

Working for various large investment firms exposed me to different organizational strategies and business growth opportunities.  The last firm I was with was early in its lifecycle when I started over almost an eight-year period I oversaw significant growth of both the business and the team.

Being trusted by various types of organizations (education, athletics, and internal corporate entities) to participate as a volunteer, helping enhance and grow each entity for the benefit of their constituents.

(1) Discipline – Develop a customized plan with clients and stick to it.

(2) Hard Work – Working side by side with clients on a thorough and constant basis, to achieve results.

(3) Teamwork – Executives in any industry cannot go it alone.  Partnerships in success are critical.

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