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The Five Cultures of Culture: Capability Culture

Work culture is a buzzword for companies right now. After more than a year of being forced to revolutionize the way we work in many sectors, companies are scrambling to adjust their way of doing things while staying true to their core values and the aspects of their organization that make them unique.

Work culture is more than the norms around the office. Culture is nuanced and multifaceted, and at Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® (ILEC), we believe it can be broken into five clear groups, which we call the Five Cultures of Culture. The first of those is Capability Culture — the “Can Do” culture. This is driven by the leaders of each company, and it boils down to whether or not the people at your company are developing skills throughout their employment. Skills fall within two categories, the inner core and outer core.

Skills within the outer core are often the ones we think of in relation to business results — are they able to raise profits and productivity, and are they driven, high performers? On the other hand, the inner core, which we consider the true source of leadership, is made up of a person’s character traits — do they have a strong sense of self, their values and their beliefs? Do they display traits such as courage, loyalty, honesty and diligence?

As a leader who is looking to create a positive work culture, it’s important to foster both the inner and outer core in regards to Capability Culture. They work in tandem: Profits and revenues are important to a company, but having employees with a strong sense of loyalty, integrity, and diligence is ultimately what will drive your company toward growth and long-term success. Employees need time and attention from their leaders to foster these positive traits and to teach them that they can accomplish their goals and grow their sense of self. Building a strong base with the “Can-Do” culture by fostering your employees’ inner and outer cores fortifies the rest of the pyramid with strength, setting up your company’s culture to thrive and stay the course, even through difficult times.

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